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All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars

Designed and built to rugged BLU-JET standards, AT4015, 40’ (18 M) Liquid Applicators are ready for your operation. Features like the 1400 gallon (5300 L) cone bottom tank, bottom fill plumbing for easier filling, and the 9 gallon (34 L) wash tank toolbox are standard equipment to make your job easier. Combined with BLU-JET’s JetStream nozzle injection or coulter knife injection row units, the BLU-JET AT4015 offers the very best in liquid injection technology.
Blu-Jet's 4015 All Terrain JetStream Injection Toolbars
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Product Features
1400 gallon (5300 L) Cone
Bottom Tank
Outer Wing Folds Up For
11R30 (76 cm) Operation
Exclusive Jet Stream Row Unit
High Pressure Direct Injection
or Coulter Knife Injection
Easy Access To 3” (76 mm)
Bottom Fill Plumbing
Field Proven Durability Meets Cost Efficient Productivity
With a 1400 gallon cone bottom tank for complete drain-out, while reducing fills and sloshing, the AT4015 is a great fit for those matching 30’, 40’, or 60’ planting widths. It makes standard many features, such as gull wing lift and 3” bottom fill plumbing, which are optional on lesser applicators.
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