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AT6020 ST


Setting a New Standard

BLU-JET set a new standard in Strip-Till operational efficiency when it introduced Strip-Till row unit configurations for the AT6020 Commercial Class Nutrient Applicator. The AT6020 brings you the ability to employ a Stretched and Staggered Strip-Till Row Unit Configuration on working widths of up to 60 feet for both 20” and 30” applications. This allows operators to get more acres per hour as the Stretched and Staggered Row Units process more residue at faster speeds, and the wider working width covers a greater swath every pass.
Blu-Jet AT6020ST
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Product Features
Tubular Mainframe Backed By A
Five Year Frame Warranty.
Accepts BLU-JET StripTill
Row Unit Configurations
Nutrient Placement Capabilities
High Flotation Tire Package 
The AT6020 can be fine tuned at each wing gauge wheel to optimize depth consistency over the width of the frame through a series of easy bolt and nut adjustments. The row units have been designed to manipulate the soil, while managing residue and field obstructions independently from one another, leaving a consistent field finish with no skips in the strip. The elimination of a parallel linkage also means less maintenance, lower cost in replacement parts, and lower total cost of ownership.
Unlike some competitors, the AT6020 is not a cultivator bar that has been modified for Strip-Till Operations. The AT6020 was designed with Strip-Till in mind, with the objective of allowing Strip-Tillers to experience the Commercial Class Features AT6020 provides; such as industry leading toolbar flex for better terrain management, field proven components – tested by custom applicators – that withstand thousands of acres, low/no maintenance row units and pivot points, and BLU-JET’s unmatched 5-Year Frame Warranty. Please take some time to learn more by exploring the additional information on this page, and by visiting our other BLU-JET StripTill Pages. If you have any questions, please call us, email us, or fill out one of the forms on this web site.
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