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All Terrain Jet Stream Injection Applicator

The BLU-JET AT7000 gives you the capacity options you want without forcing you to settle for limitations in other areas. The choice of tracks or in-line dual tires supports the load well, while confining the risk of compaction to only one set of tracks per pass.
There is also no risk of yield robbing pinch rows, created when using side-by-side dual wheel applicators. The massive toolbar and center support structure allow for normal operating speeds at sizes up to 37 rows on 30” spacing, or 49 rows on 22” spacing. The toolbar folds to less than 18’ wide for transport – narrower than most 60’ applicators. All of these features combine to help you maximize your acres applied per hour.
BLU-JET's AT7000 all terrain jet stream injection applicator
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Product Features
60-foot or 90-foot Toolbar
Exclusive Jet Stream Row Unit
High Pressure Direct Injection
or Coulter Knife Injection
Outer Wing Folds Up For 17R30
Easy Access To 3” (76 mm)
Bottom Fill Plumbing
Capacity Without Compromise
A 2750 gallon tanks on in-line dual tires or tracks means you can maximize acres per hour by reducing the number of fills, while covering up to a 62.5’ swath per pass on Side-Dress applications. Introduced in 2008, AT7000’s™ field experience is unmatched at this tank capacity and swath width.
Maximize Acres Per Hour
Your Choice of 2750-gallon tank on in-line dual tires or 1500-gallon tank with optional tracks means you can maximize acres per hour by reducing the number of fills, while covering up to a 90’ swath per pass on side dress applications. Introduced in 2008, AT7000’s field experience is unmatched at this swath width.
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Flow Rate Calculator
It's now easier than ever to calculate your piston pump and squeeze tube pump application flow rates and other parameters.
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