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Flow Rate Calculator


Calculate the Flow Rates for Your CDS-John Blue Metering Pumps

It's now more simple than ever to calculate your piston pump and squeeze tube pump application flow rates and other parameters with the CDS-John Blue Pump Flow Rate Calculator. Enter your information and let the Calculator do the work for you. Print it out and have it for future reference. The Calculator now features calculations in both standard and metric units.

Flow Rate Pump Calculator
Pump Type
Data Preference
Application Rate
Gallons Per Acre
Drive System
Swath Width
(row spacing distance multiplied by the number of rows)
Number of Teeth Drive & Driven Sprockets
To decrease pump setting, increase drive or decrease driven number of teeth
To increase pump setting, decrease drive or increase driven number of teeth
Ground Speed
Miles Per Hour
Terms of Use:
Warning: All calculations are based upon the information you provided. Always verify your application rate before entering the field as variables within your system can cause differences between calculated rates and actual output rates.

Your Results: Estimated Pump Setting and Application Parameters

Pump Selected
Sprocket Ratio
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