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3-Point StripTill Implement

Reduce implement drift & increase residue flow. The unique design of BLU-JET® Galaxy™ means less risk of implement drift and plugging when compared with competitive units. The 3-point, or lift assist, mounting ensures Galaxy stays in-line with the tractor, and our Stretched and Staggered Row Unit reduces plugging by allowing more space for residue to flow.  The Galaxy is availabe in all popular row spacings, including 20", 22", 24", 30", 36", 38" and 40" configurations.
Blu-Jet Galaxy 3-Point StripTill Implement
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Product Features
Gauge Wheels and Depth Collars
Heavy Duty Nurse Tank Hitch
MaxPac AR700 AutoReset Mount
Residue Manager and Torsion
Arm Firming Basket
Handles Injections of Liquid, Dry,
NH3, or Dual Placement
An Ideal Combination of Trailing and Residue Flow Capabilities
The BLU-JET® Galaxy™ represents the best combination of Working Width, Trailing Capabilities, and Residue Flow Volumes available on the market today. Working widths of up to 45’ allow operators to accomplish a substantial amount of work per pass, while the 3-point or lift assist mounting minimizes drift on side hills and contours.
Stay On Track - Without Looking Back
BLU-JET’s Stretched and Staggered Strip-Till Row Configurations mean a reduced risk for plugging in heavy residue, and the possibility of faster operating speeds in light to moderate residue. These features combine to allow a better opportunity to increase acres per hour. The award-winning BLU-JET® StripTill Row Units minimize daily and weekly maintenance points. They use many universal components, meaning better access to parts, often costing less than specialized components.
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