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LandRunner II


Fertilizer Injection Applicator

The BLU-JET LandRunner II™ outperforms and outlasts the competition. The heavy 4"x6" tubular framework gives you the strength to tackle any terrain. Highly versatile row spacing capabilities meet your needs in virtually any application - pre-plant, side-dress, RidgeTill, NoTill, or StripTill. Deep toolbar rank provides superior residue flow.
It's 13'6" center section features an adjustable tread-width wheel system, synchronized for accurate depth control, knife penetration is kept uniform even over rough terrain by the unique rocker-plate design providing flex to the wings above and below level.
LandRuner II Fertilizer Application by Blu-Jet and Thurston Manufacturing
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Product Features
Years of Proven Performance
In The Field
Five Year Frame Warranty
Up To 42.5 feet of Working Width
Nurse Tank Hitch Rated to
Tow 40,000 lbs
Proven Low Maintenance Costs
Versatility and Toughness You Can Depend On
The LandRunner Il™ offers an excellent combination of durability and value. With options for three different wheel packages (singles, duals, and walkers) it can be configured for a wide variety of operations and terrains. With a maximum working width of 42.5’, and available in a variety of row spacings, many find the LandRunner Il™ ideal for their operation. Plumbing kits can be set up to apply Liquid, Dry, NH3, or dual placement fertilizers, and the nurse tank hitch is rated to tow up to 40,000 pounds – that’s nearly twice as much as many competitors. Field Proven for over 20 years, the LandRunner Il™ has established itself as a highly dependable workhorse within the industry.
Enhance Value & Reduce Cost of Ownership
BLU-JET® owners report lower costs to maintain their LandRunner ll™ applicators when compared to competitive implements. Pair that with years of proven performance in the field, a five year frame warranty, and BLU-JET’s commercial class injection row units: The result is a better return on investment and higher acres per hour.
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