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What makes Legacy better than other Strip-Till Implements on the market? It’s a Commercial Class Strip-Till Implement that is field proven for high acre application. The Stretched and Staggered Row Unit Configuration processes more residue at faster speeds, allowing you to cover more acres per hour. Your choice of 385 or 295 Truck Tires on the mainframe and wings optimize flotation in the field, with better transportability down the road. Low/No Maintenance components mean less time in the shop, and more time in the field; and a mainframe that allows fine tune adjustments for depth across the width of the machine, and levelness from front to back.
Blu-Jet's Legacy ST
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Product Features
Tubular Mainframe Backed By A 
Five Year Frame Warranty.
Accepts BLU-JET StripTill Row
Unit Configurations
Nutrient Placement Capabilities 
High flotation tire package 
BLU-JET has been building Fertilizer Application Toolbars and Equipment for the Commercial Fertilizer Application Industry for over 45 years, and Conservation Tillage Equipment for over 35 years. Because an efficient Strip-Till operation combines these elements into one pass, BLU-JET is uniquely positioned to serve the Strip-Till marketplace. We’ve been making equipment that prepares the seedbed and plants in the same pass long before the term “Strip-Till” was coined; and we know what it takes to build quality equipment with low maintenance features for high acre operations. It is the combination of our considerable experience with our newer innovations that has allowed BLU-JET to remain a top competitor in the Strip-Till marketplace.
Please take some time to learn more by exploring the additional information on this page, and by visiting our other BLU-JET StripTill Pages. If you have any questions, please call us, email us, or fill out one of the forms on this web site. When you’re ready to order one stop by one of our dealers, or call to ask for the closest dealer near you.
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