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Low Disturbance Tillage


A Market Leader In Minimum Tillage

BLU-JET has been a pioneer in the area of low disturbance tillage since the late 1970’s. Our most popular product within this line, SubTiller, is an in-line ripper designed to fracture deep compaction layers in the soil while minimizing disturbance on top. It was one of the first sub-soilers to be offered for commercial sale, is currently on its fourth generation design, and has been on the market for nearly 40 years. Many imitators have come and gone over those years, but none can claim that they can compare to the experience, mainframe configurations and options offered by SubTiller.

Giving You More For Your Money

We accomplish other areas of low disturbance tillage with our CoulterPro and LandTracker products. These products add value with their ability to be configured in a variety of ways. CoulterPro can be configured as a Vertical Tillage machine with coulters spaced at 7.5” apart, or as a Track Tillage machine with coulters clustered in groups of three, and spaced to work the seedbed in a pre-plant operation. Either of these configurations can be placed under the tongue, on the front three point, of the LandTracker Implement caddy. A 3-point No-Till Drill or planter can then be hooked to the back, and a fertilizer tank added on top, for a one-pass tillage, fertilizer and seeding operation. The Vertical Tillage tools can be removed from the LandTracker 9400, and it can be used as a 3-point Implement Caddy year-round on the farm.

Our Roots Run Deep

BLU-JET’s heritage in low disturbance tillage tools extends back to a time before the company was founded. Like many farmers, those growing crops in hills of Northeast Nebraska have dealt with the challenges of highly erodible ground all their lives. Controlling the erosion, while trying to maximize yield and improve the soil, is a yearly challenge. The designers of BLU-JET’s low disturbance tillage products are from this area, and have witnessed first-hand the challenges farmers can face. Please take some time to explore other pages in the section of our web site to discover some of the tools we have designed to help you be more successful in your minimum tillage operations. We think you’ll like what you see.

SubTiller 4 (deep tillage)
The SubTiller 4 is a year round conservation tillage tool that lifts and fractures hardpan and wheel compaction caused by heavy equipment.
SubTiller NT (narrow transport)
The Narrow Transport Version of the BLU-JET SubTiller
SubTiller II (deep tillage)
The BLU-JET SubTiller II lifts and fractures hardpan and wheel compaction caused by heavy equipment.
Vertical Tillage Systems
Our Vertical Tillage Systems allow implement switching with ease.
CoulterPro (3-point Coulter Tillage)
The CoulterPro (3-point Coulter Tillage) is a cost-effective solution to tilling, fertilizing, seeding, and applying chemicals in one pass.
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