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3-Point Offset Disc


Primary Tillage

BLU-JET’s 3-Point Offset Disc is a cost effective tool for residue management and broadcast fertilizer incorporation. Whether it is used on the tractor 3-point or on the underslung 3-point hitch of LandTracker 9400, the heavy duty discs stir the soil, promoting faster warm-up and residue breakdown.
Blu-Jet 3-Point Offset Disc
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Product Features
Heavy Duty 4” x 6” x 3/8”
24” (61 cm) Blades, 22” and
20” Feathering Blades
20 Degree Angle
Cat. III Hitch Pins
5-Year Frame Warranty
For Residue and Broadcast Fertilizer Incorporation
The most popular use of the 3-Point Offset Disc is in combination with LandTracker 9400 and SubTiller 4. This combination creates a tool for managing residue and compaction while saving both time and fuel by reducing trips across the field.
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