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Primary Tillage


A Successful Track Record

BLU-JET’s experience in the primary tillage arena dates back to the mid 1980’s, when we first combined a 3-point offset disc and SubTiller on our LandTracker Implement Caddy to make a Disc Ripper. Since then, other primary tillage products such as TillagePro have earned high praise from their owners as extremely effective implements for sizing and burying residue. BLU-JET currently catalogs three types of primary tillage tools to help farmers with residue management.

Doing More With Less

Like the LandTracker tillage tool of years past, today’s LandTracker 9400 can be outfitted with our current 3-point Offset Disc and SubTiller to make a disc ripper with a working width of up to 21 feet. The greatest advantage of this tool is your ability to use it year-round as an implement caddy. BLU-JET makes additional attachments for the LandTracker that allow you to turn your Primary Tillage System into a Vertical Tillage System, or even a StripTill System.

Striking A Balance

In addition to traditional primary tillage, BLU-JET offers a tool that does more than minimum tillage, but leaves some residue on top to help protect against wind and water erosion. We call it BT Conquest, and we classify it as a Mulch-Tillage Tool. If you have some ground that’s somewhat susceptible to erosion, but genetics and plant populations have limited your success in trying No-Till or Minimum Tillage, the BT Conquest may be your answer. Please take some time to explore the product pages within this section to discover how BLU-JET Primary Tillage Tools can enhance efficiency in your operation.

BT Conquest
BT Conquest provides the perfect solution for those producers who do not have a deep compaction layer every year
Primary Tillage Systems
Primary Tillage Systems
3-Point Offset Disc
BLU-JET’s 3-Point Offset Disc is a cost effective tool for residue management and broadcast fertilizer incorporation.
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