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Liquid Side Dress Applicators


A Diverse Product Offering

Thank you BLU-JET Liquid Applicator owners, for making the BLU-JET Liquid Applicator Product Line one of the most popular product lines in company history. BLU-JET’s line of Liquid Side Dress Applicators represents the most diverse selection of frames, tank sizes, and row spacings available. In all, we catalog over 252 mainframe and row spacing combinations, with multiple widths available in most configurations.

Providing The Tools For Success

Couple our mainframe diversity with the ability to custom install any of the most popular liquid distribution systems on the market, or with BLU-JET’s own ISO Controlled System, and you get a combination that is impossible to beat. Your efficiency is in mind throughout our design process. We continually look to increase your return on investment by finding innovative ways to save time and decrease your total cost of ownership, while providing you with tools for achieving Best Management Practices. A few examples of our efforts include:
• Using of cone bottom tanks when possible for complete drain-out and to reduce sloshing
• Folding to narrower widths for better transport
• Designing with tractor style tires or tracks on a single tram line to avoid pinch row compaction
• Using paint that withstands impact and corrosion better than Powder Coating
• Providing a 5-Year Frame Warranty as our quality guarantee

We Have The Experience To Help

Please take some time to explore the varying liquid applicator models and configurations we have available by examining the pages within this section. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Unlike a vast majority of our competitors, we’ve been making liquid injection applicators for over 20 years. It’s likely we will be able to help you.

Advancing the Discussion

From time to time, BLU-JET partners with leading agricultural media outlets to bring growers more in-depth information on specific topics related to the markets we serve.  Past papers have included subjects such as pinch row compaction, injected versus surface applied UAN, and more.  These can be found by clicking the following link, and completing a short form.
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Featuring a tank with up to a 3,100 gallon liquid capacity, and working widths to match 90’ planters, the AT7000 is designed to increase acres per hour.
Available in up to 66’ working widths, it is the first liquid applicator on the market to feature ISOBUS hydraulic positioning and fertilizer application control, The use of ISOBUS technology simplifies operations, with the goal of reducing operator fatigue.
Models are available with up to 62.5’ working widths in various row configurations. It features a 1775 gallon cone bottom tank to reduce sloshing and for complete drainout.
Models are available with up to 62.5’ working widths in numerous row spacings. It features a 1400 gallon cone bottom tank, which allows the product to swirl in the tank instead of slam against the builkhead, while keeping the load centered over the axle.
Models are available in working widths of up to 42.5’ on a tremendous number of row spacings and configurations. A 1025 gallon elliptical tank mounted parallel to, and directly above, the axle centers the load.
If you have tight field entrances or transport restrictions, the AT2000 may be the applicator for you. Featuring a transport width of less than 10’, it can match 8 row or 12 row planters.
LandRunner 3 LF
This versatile 3-point toolbar, configured for liquid side dress application, is ideal for those who already have saddle tanks for their tractor, or prefer to side dress without using a pull type implement.
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It's now easier than ever to calculate your piston pump and squeeze tube pump application flow rates and other parameters.
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