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Spreaders for Dry Fertilizer


Making The Most Of What You Have

BLU-JET currently offers a chassis designed to accept a New Leader L4000G4 Fertilizer and Lime Spreader Box with Case IH Mounts. We call it the BLU-JET Commodity Cart. The product came about because customers were requesting a pull type spreader capable of in-crop application using their New Leader L4000G4 that was already mounted on their Case IH Floater.

Everything You Need

The BLU-JET Commodity Cart is designed to provide hydraulic power to the spreader box through a PTO drive line. It comes with a 4.13 cubic inch pump, a 1,000 rpm pump drive, and a Telescoping PTO Shaft. It offers your choice of Row Crop (Net Cargo 15.5 tons) or High Flotation (Net Cargo 22.5 tons) Tires.

Tell Us What You Think

At BLU-JET, it is our mission to make farmers more productive by offering products that will make them more efficient. By manufacturing a chassis that allows farmers to get more use out of a spreader box they already own, we are once again accomplishing that mission. We will be considering whether to offer different chassis that would accept other brands, models, or mounting configurations. If this interests you, please let us know. You can give us a call, send us an email, or send us feedback in the Customer Experience Section of this web site.

Commodity Cart
The BLU-JET Commodity Cart is a chassis to be used with a dry fertilizer spreader box.
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