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StripTill NT


Solving Transport Challenges

For Farm Operations with Smaller Size Fields and Narrow Transport Challenges, Strip-Till has often been unachievable due to the wide transport widths that accompany many of the implements currently on the market. BLU-JET has solved this problem by introducing the StripTill NT to the North American marketplace. Originally designed to meet the requirements of Western European Transport Standards, the StripTill NT folds to transport at a width just under 10’ and offers smaller working widths for fields with tight spaces.
BLU-JET StripTill NT
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Product Features
Heavy Duty Double 6” x 6” Frame
15’ 3 Section Folding Frame /
20’ 3 Section Folding Frame
Operate in the Spring or in the Fall
Stretched Rows For Superior
Residue Flow
5 Year Frame Warranty
Uncompromising Performance
StripTill NT is equipped with the same award winning row units that come with all BLU-JET StripTill Mainframes. These units are field proven to be low maintenance, highly adjustable, and very durable. No parallel linkage on the row means each component handles the soil, residue, and field obstruction independently which eliminates skips in the row and optimizes functionality.
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Please take some time to learn more by exploring the additional information on this page, and by visiting our other BLU-JET StripTill Pages. If you have any questions, please call us, email us, or fill out one of the forms on this web site.
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