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SubTiller 4 ST


Combine Operations

For those who must fracture a deep compaction layer every time they Strip-Till, for those who graze their fields, apply heavy loads of manure, or otherwise have damaged their soil structure, the SubTiller 4 with StripTill attachments may be the ideal machine for you. In models that range from 2 Shanks to 12 Shanks on 30” spacing, the SubTiller matches planter swath widths up to 30’. Enhance root penetration, increase water filtration, create a warmer growing environment, and dry down the soil for earlier planting all with one implement in one pass.
Blu-Jet's SubTiller 4
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Product Features
Heavy Duty Double 7”x7”
Strong 1¼” Thick Shanks
Strip-Till Attachments
Multiple 3-Point and Pull-Type
Mainframes Available
5 Year Frame Warranty
Customize Your Operation
SubTiller 3-point models are available from 2 shanks to 8 shanks, and Pull-Type models start at 6 shanks and go to 12 shanks. Most operators performing StripTill with SubTiller choose to use the less aggressive 2” Summer Point based on their depth requirements and the speed at which they wish to operate. Row units can be ordered with either Shear-Bolt or Auto-Rest shanks.
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