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Toolbars For Fertilizer Injection

Leading the Way in Innovation

BLU-JET continues to lead the way in nutrient injection technology by providing the marketplace with more customizable widths, row spacings, and row unit configurations than any of our competitors. Products are designed with Commercial Applicator and Rental customers in mind; our Commercial Class Fertilizer Injection Applicators combine Acres Per Hour, Operational Flexibility, Low Maintenance, and 5-Year Frame Warranty with a goal of providing you industry leading functionality to enhance efficiency and increase your return on investment. The products chart below highlights a few of the ways BLU-JET Toolbars augment your operational efficiencies and lead to higher return on investment.

Enhancing Efficiency With Innovative Designs

Fertilizer Injection Toolbars have been a staple of the BLU-JET product line for nearly as long as the company has been in existence. Founded in 1971, it didn’t take long for the leadership of Thurston Manufacturing Company to realize there were significant gaps in existing toolbar offerings; and that they could be filled with a little hard work, creative design, and quality workmanship. With the introduction of a quick coupling NH3 Wagon Hitch as the first product, and ideas for a better toolbar on the drawing board, the BLU-JET brand was born. 

Links to our current toolbar offerings can be found at the bottom of this page.  You will find that our current products continue our heritage of Enhancing Efficiencies With Innovative Designs.

Leaders in Quality and Innovation

Today, as one of the largest family owned and operated toolbar suppliers in the world, BLU-JET continues our leadership role in quality and innovation. We pride ourselves in finding creative, practical, solutions to operations issues that drag down your operational efficiency.  Just one example would be the versatility of our row units, which can be set to operate in a variety of applications including Post-Harvest, Pre-Plant, and Side Dress.  With the addition of a Residue Manager and Basket, these Row Units can also accomplish Strip-Till.

Please browse through the products within section and others to discover ways in which BLU-JET equipment can enhance your operation.

Advancing the Discussion

From time to time, BLU-JET partners with leading agricultural media outlets to bring growers more in-depth information on specific topics related to the markets we serve.  Past papers have included subjects such as pinch row compaction, injected versus surface applied UAN, and more.  These can be found by clicking the following link, and completing a short form.

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The AT6020 is one of Blu-Jet's premium fertilizer injection applicators. It's built to be flexible in all soils and climates.
LEGACY is a premium fertilizer injection applicator in Blu-Jet's line of agricultural equipment.
LandRunner II
LandRunner II is a premium liquid fertilizer injection applicator by Blu-Jet.
LandRunner 3
LandRunner 3 LS is a liquid fertilizer injection applicator solution by Blu-Jet and Thurston Manufacturing.
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