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Ditch And Trench Filler

The BLU-JET TrenchMaster is specifically designed to fill wider and deeper ditches and trenches. TrenchMaster adds efficiency to the operation by providing a tough, simple, low horsepower tool for getting the job done, like TrackMaster ll™ does for filling center pivot irrigation tracks. The single or double four rank “vee” pattern aggressively moves dirt to the center, while the ovate “teardrop” blades help reduce mud buildup. The speed at which TrenchMaster fills cannot be matched by a track hoe, back hoe, or skid steer; and the finish provided by the optional LevelPro™ is superior to other available options.
Blu-Jet TrenchMaster Ditch And Trench Filler
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Product Features
Framework of 4” x 6” x 1/2”
Heavy Wall Tubing
22” (56 cm) Blades
Category II And III 3-point
Hitch Pins
Heavy Duty, 2” (5 cm) Spindles
and Double Lip Seals
Blu-Jet LevelPro™ Option
A Wider Working Width for More Extreme Jobs
With a wide working width, and multiple blade configuration options, the BLU-JET TrenchMaster makes filling trenches fast and easy. TrenchMaster gives installers of drainage tile a significant advantage by helping them quickly leave a finished product for their customer. Low horsepower requirements mean your larger tractor can move to the next job before the trenches are filled.
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