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Vertical Tillage System


Three Operations In One Pass

Accomplish Up To Three Operations in One Pass with the Vertical Tillage System From BLU-JET. Start with a BLU-JET 3-Point CoulterPro Mounted on the UnderSlung Hitch of a BLU-JET LandTracker 9400 in widths Ranging From 15’ to 30’. The Coulters can be configured on a variety of spacings from 7” to 10” with some setups allowing for either even or odd rows. Mount a 1000 gallon liquid tank and liquid delivery system on the LandTracker 9400 to accomplish liquid fertilizer placement during the same pass. Attach either a BLU-JET SubTiller 4 to eliminate deep compaction issues, or a 3-point Grain Drill to plant, on the rear 3-point hitch of the LandTracker.
Blu-Jet Vertical Tillage System
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Product Features
Multiple Spacing Options
and Blade Types
4” x 6” x 3/8” Double Bar Frame
CoulterPro’s Frame Versatility
LandTracker 9400 Base Can
Be Used Year-Round
5 Year Frame Warranty
A Robust Base
The Base Unit for BLU-JET Vertical Tillage Systems is the LandTracker 9400 Implement Caddy. With a variety of wheel lift options, tire choices, and nutrient carrying capacities, LandTracker is much more than a mere 3-point Implement Caddy. Customers can select only the options they know they need, and create an economical version just right for the job at hand, or they can select options that will make LandTracker 9400 a robust workhorse capable of performing multiple operations.
Limitless Possibilities
Switching Implements on the LandTracker 9400 usually takes less than 30 minutes, making it a dominant year round universal tool on your farm. In addition to the vertical tillage tools that can be mounted on LandTracker, one can also mount the BLU-JET 3-point offset disc underneath the tongue. Combine this with SubTiller on the back and you have a Disc Ripper with a working width of up to 21’. BLU-JET also makes a StripTill Implement that fits underneath the tongue. Combine the liquid tank, or a 6 ton dry box, for a pull-type StripTill Implement with a working width of up to 30’. Add a planter on the rear 3-point for a one pass Strip-Till and Plant solution. Please take some time to learn more by exploring the additional information on this page, and by visiting our other BLU-JET LandTracker Systems Pages. If you have any questions, please call us, email us, or fill out one of the forms on this web site. When you’re ready to order yours, stop by one of our dealers or call to ask for the closest dealer near you.
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